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Driving School

About Our Driving School

The affordable choice to learn to drive without breaking the bank and ensuring you are in the hands of professionals.


We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to teaching students to be confident behind the wheel. We have been an established driving school company since 1970 and have an excellent pass rate on our backs.


We know perfectly well what it takes to prepare people for the busy Maltese roads and how to ensure that they are calm and able to drive in the busiest of roads. We service our vehicles regularly to make sure that every student experiences a smooth ride and can learn without any interruptions or any other problems.


We are dedicated and committed to providing students with a flexible learning schedule so no matter how their routine looks like we do not disrupt it in any way.


We do not waste our student’s time instead we provide them with a three-month course in which they will learn everything there is to know about handling a car, driving, being safe on the roads, and adhering to regulations.

Driving School

Our Fleet

A Variety of Vehicles

We understand that skill and teaching can only go so far and that if the car is not up for that amount of driving and mistakes that someone still learning might make, there will be trouble. Our cars are modern and include all the standard features that make a vehicle comfortable, such as a top-notch air conditioning system, seat belts, and all emergency and accident functions working perfectly and more.


Being safe with us is yet another thing you can tick off, ensuring that you have nothing to worry about while learning with us, all you have to do is look ahead, start and get driving!

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