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What Will Be Included in Every Lesson...

Your Choice of Instructor

First and foremost we want you to be comfortable when you are driving with us. That is why we will provide you with the choice of either female or male instructors, depending on your preference.

Free Pickup Anywhere

Wherever you need to pick you up from for your lesson we will come to you for free so that you do not have to hassle about catching a ride. This will ensure that you save time and keep up with your daily routine.

Fully Air-conditioned vehicles

The Maltese summers and the anxiousness of learning to drive can get the temperatures up very fast, that is why we offer fully air-conditioned vehicles for everyone’s ultimate comfort.

Highly Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified and trained to be able to provide you with excellent training on the basics of vehicle driving and road regulations. They are all patient and friendly, can speak English, and motivated to help you pass.

One-to-One Theory Courses

We will work with you closely so that we ensure that you know everything there is to know regarding the theory part of your test. We will answer every question and make sure that you are truly ready before we urge you to take it.

Flexible Tuition Hours

Everyone has their own daily schedule and in order to not disrupt that we have made sure to keep very flexible hours so that anyone can start learning to drive and can start their journey towards more independence when it comes to transport.

Cortis Motoring School Services

What You Will Learn...

Our instructors will teach you all the basics when it comes to vehicles, and that means not only driving. You will learn how to realize when there is a problem in your vehicle that you should look into. How to realize any of the headlights or indicators are not working, gear handling, what to do before you even start the car, and more.

You will also learn how to show that you know all this during your test and all about the questions that you might be asked. You can rest assured that you will be thoroughly prepared before your test, which in turn will be detrimental to your state of mind during your test. Cortis Motoring School always puts the student's needs first.

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